Elite Retirement Alliance (E.R.A.) is a Sales Engineering company specializing in the development  of custom Sales & Marketing strategies for: TPA’s, Record-Keepers, DCIO and Retirement Plan Advisors.  We pride ourselves on providing fast, actionable strategies that result in measurable success. E.R.A. believes that it is harder than ever to be a successful record-keeper or DCIO wholesaler.  Years of ‘fee compression’, ‘advisor and record-keeper consolidation’, and ‘increasing annual sales goals’ have made this the ‘toughest retirement sales environment ever’.

The retirement plan industry has never seen the amount of changes as have happened in the past few years.  And recent results confirm that we are going to face a roller coaster of regulatory changes on an on-gong basis.  Our premise is that With Change Comes Opportunity.   E.R.A. focus on where the industry is going, rather than looking in the past.  We have strategies that have been designed for today and tomorrow’s markets, not yesterdays.

We have industry content segmented via role so you receive concentrated information that can be used immediately.  Please refer to our TPA, Record-Keeper, DCIO and Plan Advisor pages for detailed information.

Forward Thinking Measurable Results

We have extensive experience in the TPA-RK-DCIO-FA environment

red-3d-triange-copyMajor Insurance Platform  – Created National TPA Alliance Program resulting in over $5 Billion in AUM within 5 years.

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blue-sphereIndependent Record-Keeper  TPA Sales

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