Plan Advisors

As an Elite Retirement Plan Advisor your most valuable resource is TIME.  You make your revenue in servicing existing clients and competing on new opportunities.  However there are an unbelievable number of wholesalers who are constantly trying to meet with you to push PRODUCT and PROPRIETARY options.

The numbers of wholesalers trying to get face time is staggering:


Record-keepers: There are a minimum of 10 RK firms like: John Hancock, Empower,  VOYA, MassMutual, Prudential,  Fidelity, etc…

red-sphereDCIO: Again a minimum of 10 DCIO firms: Fidelity, American Century, T-Rowe, Oppenheimer, JP Morgan, BlackRock, Invesco, etc…


Retail: There are more Retail mutual fund wholesalers than Rk’s and DCIO combined, lets conservatively say at least 30.


Misc: Now add misc wholesalers like SMA’s, REIT’s, Annuity, etc and you can safely add another 20 at a minimum.

That adds up to 70+ wholesalers in your region clamoring for your time.  They get tracked on metrics based on number of meetings – you make revenue servicing clients not taking non-revenue meetings.

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Elite Retirement Alliance provides Plan Advisor’s with a dedicated one stop resource for retirement plan solutions.

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